88 Pint Keg of Fosters
114.99 + Set-Up + Vat


88 Pint Keg of Kronenbourg
132.99 + Set-Up + Vat


Beer Keg Hire Full Pricelist

All of These Prices are for the Keg only. Please add 40 to this cost for set-up and rental of taps and the gas.

Please add 20% Vat to the total cost of your order.
Payment is by Cash On Delivery


Session Lager:
Fosters 11 Gallon (88 pints) 114.99
Carlsberg 11 Gallon (88 pints) 108.99
Carling 11 Gallon (88 pints) 114.99

Premium Lager:
Kronenbourg 11 Gallon (88 pints) 132.99
Carlsberg Export 11 Gallon (88 pints) 132.99
Cobra 11 Gallon (88 pints) 132.99
Stella Artois 10 Gallon (80 pints) 115.99

Smooth Bitter:
John Smiths Smooth 11 Gallon (88 pints) 113.99
Tetleys Smooth Flow 11 Gallon (88 pints) 115.99

Strongbow 11 Gallon (88 pints) 110.99

e.g price:1 x Fosters Keg + Set-up + Vat =
                                     114.99 + 40 + Vat = 185.99

Please add 40 for Set-up and rental of equipment.

8ft Bar Section can be hired at 30 each

This includes one bar style tap, cooler and gas (everything you need to pull a pint).

Extra kegs will be charged at the standard price excluding set-up.

Extra taps - 10 each

Extra Gas cylinder - 18 each
(only required if buying a few kegs)

All prices exc. Vat. Please add 20% to total price.


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