88 Pint Keg of Fosters
114.99 + Set-Up + Vat


88 Pint Keg of Kronenbourg
132.99 + Set-Up + Vat


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we often get asked. If there is anything else you need to know before ordering please email us or give us a call

Q. What are the delivery and collection days?
A. Delivery will be a Thursday or Friday and collections will be on a Monday or Tuesday

Q. What are the payment options?
A. Payment is cash on delivery only unless we receive a cheque from you 10 days prior to delivery.

Q. Do i need a license to buy a keg of beer.
A. We have a license to sell to you but as long as you are not selling the beer, cider or lager you do not require a license.

Q. Can i change my order?
A. Your order can be altered any time prior to the delivery date.

Q. What if the keg still has some beer left in it after we have finished?
A. Unfortunately any part kegs will not be refunded (so get drinking). But on agreement you may keep the keg and equipment for a while longer to allow you to use up the remaining beer.

Q. When should i turn the cooler on?
A. Typically the cooler will take 2 hours to reach the correct temperature.

Q. Can I leave the cooler and gas on overnight?
A. The cooler can be left on overnight but it is not recommended. The gas should be turned off overnight.

Q. Where can i set-up the equipment?
A. The cooler has to be set-up in a cool dry place. You will need a sturdy fixing on a table or bar to fix the tap.

Q. What do i need to do if i require the equipment for a longer period?
A. Please let us know at least one day before the collection date if you require the equipment for an extended period.


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